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Privacy, COPPA & Cookies

The privacy of you and your children is very important to us.

Our website is intended to be used by parents to get information about our apps and, perhaps, buy from an app store.
We may use cookies but these are used only so that our website system, WordPress, can function correctly.

The only time we may collect any information from you, is if you contact us regarding a support issue. This will only be information to help us resolve the issue such as which platform your running the apps on and what the issue is.

As we create apps for children, we have always been very sensitive to parental concerns.
We aim to comply with COPPA – Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act as it relates to mobile apps.

Within our children’s apps :

  • we do not attempt to collect or use any personal data (or other item specified by COPPA)
  • we do not have any 3rd party advertising or links to websites, as we would not be able to guarantee their origin
  • we may show previews of our own apps, but only those that are suitable for that age group
  • we will not provide direct links to out own websites or products in the app store(s), unless we can reasonably validate an adult has selected this option

If you believe we are failing to do this please contact us at so we can fix any issues.